Store Management

In part with the Global Commerce® software, our store management team will provide your business with a customized store front. Our service is different from competitors because we create multiple custom designs for your online store that you can choose from. Once chosen, that design is never used again to give your online store a unique look. The storefront website is SEO friendly to allow search engines to easily read and rank your website; therefore, increasing the traffic of potential customers to your online business. Navigation is simple, your customers can search for products and find inventory with logical product grouping. Also, increase your sales by easily creating online coupons and promotions that you can feature on your website.

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  • Custom Design
  • Easy Navigation
  • Logical Product Grouping
  • Interactive Shopping Cart
  • Intelligent Store Search
  • Customer Registration
  • Order Tracking
  • Live Chat
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Home page and category-specific promotions
  • Feature Products
  • Coupons & Promotions
  • SEO Friendly
  • Thumbnails & Zoomed Product Image
  • "Email A Friend" System
  • "Wish List" System
  • Product Reviews
  • Quick and Easy Checkout
  • and much More..

Order Management/Processing

Providing your customer with a pleasant shopping experience is a breeze with Global Commerce®. From product features such as customer reviews, availability alerts, up sell and cross sell to online order tracking; your customers will surely enjoy shopping at your online store. In addition, keep your shoppers happy with wish lists and gift certificates, so everyone will get exactly what they want and come back for more.

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  • Online & Phone Orders
  • Automated Confirmation Emails
  • Wish List
  • Customer, Category & Product Specific Discounts
  • Partial Shipments Management
  • Drop-Ship Capability
  • Order Tracking
  • Customer Registration
  • Easily Search Orders for Customer Service Requests
  • Payment Processing (Credit Card, PayPal)
  • Easily Manage Returns & Exchanges
  • Collect Sales Tax
  • Custom Shipping & Carriers
  • Quick & Easy Checkout Process
  • and much More..


When you have an online store, managing inventory is sometimes a huge and daunting task. But with Global Commerce® you can manage unlimited products easily and effortlessly. You can up-sell and cross-sell related items, which your customers might like, by displaying more products during your customer's visit. You can also display thumbnail views of the items and feature listings on your website to increase sales and spark up revenue.

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  • Import/Export Product Inventory
  • Inventory Threshold
  • Product Images Zooming & Thumbnails
  • Short/Long/Bulleted Descriptions
  • Customizable Cart Attributes (example:Color,Size)
  • "For Sale", "Clearance", "Call For" Price
  • Cross Sell/Up-sell
  • Inventory Availability Management
  • "Wish List"
  • Product Reviews
  • Customizable URL File Name
  • Customizable META Title & Tags
  • Intelligent Product Search
  • Unlimited Vendors
  • Unlimited Categories & Sub-Categories
  • Customizable "Shop By"
  • Unlimited Products
  • and much More..


Global Commerce® integrates with the leading ecommerce services that help your company run efficiently and continue to expand. With our software, your inventory can easily be displayed on comparison shopping sites like Google Shopping and Amazon. These sites will help your brand reach a further audience and grow your customer database. Shipping an order is easy, with just a push of a button, print a FedEx or UPS shipping label, apply it to your package and ship it out; meanwhile, your customer receives a tracking number via email so they can follow their purchase.

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  • Easily Create product Feeds for Amazon, Google Shopping, and other comparison shopping sites
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Automatic Shipment Confirmation Email
  • Partial Shipments
  • UPS, FexEx Shipping Integration
  • and much More..

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