Our goal at Global Commerce® is to not only provide our clients with sophisticated e-commerce software, but to create a system that allows your business to operate and run with minimal effort to maintain. Ultimately, customer service and ecommerce support is our top priority and we want to be there with you through every step of the way. Take comfort in knowing that we are always by your side to provide quality service and assistance, for your shopping cart support needs.

Since customer service is always our priority we pride ourselves on being the best to guide and lead you through the Global Commerce® software. We will provide your business with technical as well as ecommerce support via live chat, in case any questions or problems may arise. We want our working relationship to grow, and with that giving you the peace of mind in knowing that a dedicated account manager is always there for your shopping cart support. In addition to giving our customers excellent software help and ecommerce support, we are constantly working to improve our system and you will receive periodic updates. Your suggestions and opinions are welcome as we always look for feedback to implement into our future updates. At Global Commerce® and Global Icon, Inc., we will provide your business with all the shopping cart support and marketing solutions help that you need to grow your business.

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